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Vicki Hoover

Over several months, Vicki Hoover faced multiple medical challenges – the kind that can really leave a person feeling uncertain and even defeated.

But not Vicki.

Jill Anderson

Battling for her life was the furthest thing from Jill Anderson’s mind. Jill lived at home with her husband and three young boys. She worked full-time, cared for her family, and enjoyed camping, fishing, and attending rodeos. Life was good and fulfilling. When Jill began feeling ill one day, everything changed.

Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds described her life prior to admission as “semi-retired.” Mary lived at home with her husband and enjoyed spending her free time knitting, walking, and housekeeping while working once per week. Then, one day, Mary began experiencing significant weakness and trouble breathing. After going to the hospital, she was admitted and diagnosed with sepsis due to an influenza A infection.

Jan Flack

Experiencing shortness of breath one day, Jan admitted to Essentia Health-Fargo, where she was diagnosed with respiratory failure complicated by pneumonia and bilateral deep vein thrombosis. As a result, Jan was placed on a ventilator.

Albina prepares to return home following her stay at VIbra Hospital of Fargo

Albina Lebzak

Vacationing in North Dakota, Albina suddenly found herself very sick. She experienced double vision, difficulty swallowing and speaking, shortness of breath, and weakness in her arms and legs. Albina sought medical attention, and tests revealed something entirely unexpected.

Troy Hall gives a thumbs up at Vibra Hospital of Fargo

Troy Hall

Before his stroke, Troy Hall lived a very active life. He enjoyed playing softball, fishing, and going to the gym. In addition, he worked as a drywall finisher. After the stroke, Troy experienced acute respiratory failure and required a ventilator to breathe.

Mavis celebrates her discharge with her care team at Vibra Hospital of Fargo

Mavis Huber

After testing positive for the virus, Mavis spent three months in the hospital, battling respiratory failure due to COVID-19 pneumonia. Then she transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo to begin her recovery.

Dorothy Walton

Dorothy Walton, 59, is a home health nurse. In early December, she contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to a local hospital. Unfortunately, Dorothy’s condition deteriorated, and she was intubated and ventilated due to respiratory distress.

Ken Wienckowski

Diagnosed with lung cancer, Ken Wienckowski underwent a right lower lobectomy. The operation left him with complications requiring extended care.

Foziya Ismael

Foziya Ismael is a loving mother who stays busy taking care of her family. She lived independently until one day when she started experiencing unusual respiratory symptoms.