Vicki Hoover

Over several months, Vicki Hoover faced multiple medical challenges – the kind that can really leave a person feeling uncertain and even defeated.

But not Vicki.

Throughout it all, Vicki remained positive and determined to regain her function, return to her own apartment, and reengage with her passions of the arts and sewing.

Vicki’s story began when she suffered a stroke, which led her to move in with her sister for a while. Having done so well with these living arrangements, Vicki prepared for the next step, which was moving into an apartment of her own. But on moving day, Vicki had a fall, and her sister noticed that Vicki’s speech had changed.

Following the moving truck to Vicki’s new apartment, the sisters determined they needed to change course and instead go to the emergency room. At the ER, things went from bad to worse. Vicki’s hemoglobin was very low, so she received a blood transfusion. But her condition worsened, and after being diagnosed with respiratory failure, Vicki was placed on a ventilator.

For continued treatment following her respiratory failure diagnosis, Vicki transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo, a critical care hospital. Critical care hospitals like Vibra provide care similar to that of a hospital’s ICU, which is especially important for ventilator-dependent patients and those recovering from respiratory failure.

When she arrived at Vibra, Vicki could stand and pivot with staff assistance but could not take any steps. She required assistance with dressing, bathing, and toileting. Vicki also experienced expressive aphasia as a result of her previous stroke. But Vicki was ready to work and determined to return to her new apartment.

Vicki worked with physical, occupational, and speech therapies for several weeks and made impressive progress in regaining her independence. She discharged from Vibra able to walk 180 feet with a walker, independent with self-care activities, and with a significantly improved ability to express her thoughts.

Upon leaving Vibra Hospital of Fargo, Vicki had one further stop: an inpatient rehabilitation facility where she would build on the gains she made at Vibra to ensure a safe return to her new apartment.

“Every person I met at Vibra has been friendly,” Vicki recalled before leaving the hospital. Pleased with her progress, Vicki noted that the Vibra Hospital staff was “always encouraging and pleased with my success.”