Todd Reidman

Life was good for Todd Reidman. He worked as a college professor and owned an auto repair business. Todd was completely healthy, living independently at home with his wife.

Then, Todd contracted COVID-19.

The virus hit Todd hard, causing him to need a ventilator to breathe. Other complications ensued, including seizures, an acute kidney injury, and cardiac arrest. As a result of the kidney injury, Todd was placed on dialysis.

Todd transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo with major deficits. He was completely dependent on others for self-care and mobility. He couldn’t feed himself and required a soft food diet. Todd couldn’t even stand up on his own.

But at Vibra, Todd’s recovery took off. With his wife providing support and encouragement, Todd worked hard toward his goals. After completing four weeks of treatment and therapy, Todd made great progress. He no longer requires dialysis or oxygen. He can walk 550 feet with a walker and can navigate some stairs. Todd only required minimal assistance with self-care activities and has resumed a regular diet.

We’re excited to say Todd has returned home with his wife. He was most excited to see his grandkids again. Todd continues to work on his recovery with the support of home health services. We are so proud of you, Todd!