Shannon Boe

Shannon Boe lived independently at home with her daughter. When her daughter became ill, Shannon brought her to the hospital. But at the hospital, Shannon began feeling unwell herself.

Shannon admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Soon, that progressed to lower extremity abscesses and drainage. The abscesses were debrided, and after nearly two months, Shannon transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo for continued wound care and diuretic therapy.

When she arrived at Vibra, a critical care hospital, Shannon faced a lot of challenges. She was completely dependent upon others for mobility and couldn’t complete self-care activities on her own. With a collapsed right lung, she required continuous BiPAP. Additionally, her wounds wept continuously, and caring for them was painful.

Vibra’s wound care team recommended a wound VAC, which Shannon agreed to try. The wound VACs improved the fluid overload in Shannon’s wounds, and she noted a decrease in pain each week. After steady, gradual improvement, the wound care team discontinued using the wound VACs. Additionally, Shannon experienced difficulty with a chronic pseudomonas aureus infection in her wounds. The team treated the infection with acetic acid, then silver, to get the infection under control. That enabled the team to debride the wound edges.

As a result, all of Shannon’s wounds healded significantly, with four closing completely. Then, Shannon could better participate in therapies and make quick progress. Shannon can now perform self-care activities and walk up to 40 feet in the hallways. She discharged to Sanford Rehab for additional therapy before returning home.

It was a pleasure working with you, Shannon. We admire your determination and hard work and wish you the very best!