Mavis Huber

COVID-19 took a real toll on Mavis Huber.

After testing positive for the virus, Mavis spent three months in the hospital, battling respiratory failure due to COVID-19 pneumonia. Then she transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo to begin her recovery.

When she arrived at Vibra, Mavis had a tracheostomy and was on a BiPAP at night, with t-piece trials during the day. Mavis couldn’t walk, nor could she complete any self-care activities.

During her stay at Vibra, Mavis made substantial progress. In less than two weeks, Mavis was decannulated. She worked hard in therapy and can now walk up to 300 feet with a walker. In addition, Mavis gets dressed and bathes independently and has resumed a regular diet.

Ready for the next phase of her recovery, Mavis discharged to a rehabilitation facility to gain more strength before safely returning home.