Mary Reynolds

Mary Reynolds described her life prior to admission as “semi-retired.” Mary lived at home with her husband and enjoyed spending her free time knitting, walking, and housekeeping while working once per week. Then, one day, Mary began experiencing significant weakness and trouble breathing. After going to the hospital, she was admitted and diagnosed with sepsis due to an influenza A infection.

After being treated and stabilized at the short-term acute care hospital, Mary still faced a long road to recovery. In need of an extended hospitalization and a high level of clinical care, Mary transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo. Vibra Hospital of Fargo is a critical care hospital (sometimes called a long-term acute care hospital), a type of specialty hospital that specializes in treating medically complex patients like Mary.

When Mary arrived at Vibra, she required a ventilator to breathe, experienced significant confusion, and could not answer questions or follow commands. She could not eat and was fully dependent for self-care activities and mobility. But Mary was in the right place. The staff at Vibra Hospital of Fargo got right to work, developing an individualized plan of care to help Mary regain her function and independence.

During her stay at Vibra, Mary progressed well and began to achieve her goals. With the help of respiratory therapy, Mary weaned off the ventilator. Her progress with speech therapy enabled her to start a modified diet and no longer rely on a PEG tube for nutrition. Physical and occupational therapy helped Mary regain her strength and ability to perform her activities of daily living.

When Mary discharged from Vibra Hospital of Fargo, she could ambulate over 1000 feet without an assistive device, ascend and descend stairs, complete self-care activities independently, and consume a regular diet. She also significantly improved her memory, attention, and problem-solving skills.

Less than a month after her arrival, Mary discharged from Vibra to her daughter’s house, where she would stay a short time before moving to an assisted living facility with her husband. “If it wasn’t for the wonderful staff and support at Vibra Hospital of Fargo, I would not be alive,” Mary stated.

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