Kelly Baker

Kelly Baker arrived at Vibra Hospital of Fargo in need of complex wound care. Having septic arthritis in her left knee, Kelly underwent an above-the-knee amputation on that leg. Additionally, she experienced ulcers and an abscess in her right foot.

The incision on Kelly’s amputated left leg was healing well, except for a couple of problem areas. The wound care team at Vibra got right to work. They debrided the problem areas and found Kelly had an infection that went all the way down to the bone. Next, the team opened Kelly’s incision to debride the bone, as well. As a result of this procedure, Kelly would have an open wound for a couple of weeks for the wound to heal correctly. Having an expert wound care team was critical for this stage of Kelly’s recovery.

After two weeks, the wound had progressed well, and Kelly underwent surgery to reclose the incision site. With continued care, Kelly’s incision healed completely, allowing her to begin the use of a compression stocking on her amputated leg.

However, because of Kelly’s extended hospitalization and the significant changes to her body, she also required therapy to regain her independence.

Kelly arrived at Vibra bedridden and completely dependent upon others for self-care activities. But she made significant progress through hard work with the physical and occupational therapy teams during her stay at Vibra. Kelly can now independently complete self-care activities, transfer using a slide board, and propel her own wheelchair.