Gregg Roragen

Gregg Roragen never imagined his passion for the outdoors would be put on hold due to a life-threatening illness.

Gregg lived independently, enjoying an active lifestyle that included hunting, fishing, and working around his house. Life was fulfilling, and he relished his freedom. However, everything changed when Gregg was admitted to the hospital with respiratory failure secondary to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). His condition was so severe that he needed to be placed on a ventilator to breathe.

Once stabilized, Gregg transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo, a critical care hospital. Critical care hospitals are specialty hospitals that provide high-level medical care for extended periods. Upon arrival, Gregg was still dependent on the ventilator and required total assistance for transfers and self-care activities.

Determined to regain his independence, Gregg worked tirelessly with the medical team at Vibra. His dedication paid off quickly – just a few days after his admission, Gregg successfully weaned off the ventilator with the help of Vibra’s respiratory therapy team. Weaning off the ventilator marked a significant milestone in his recovery.

Gregg’s journey wasn’t without setbacks, however. He experienced a period of severe confusion, requiring restraints for his safety and dealing with tremors that prevented him from using his hands for self-care. However, once the confusion cleared, Gregg’s motivation to return home intensified.

Working closely with speech therapy, Gregg quickly progressed from a modified soft diet to a regular diet. His physical and occupational therapy sessions focused on rebuilding his strength and independence. Gregg’s hard work and determination shone through as he made remarkable progress.

By the time of his discharge, Gregg had regained significant independence. He could now feed, groom, dress, and bathe himself with minimal assistance. His mobility improved dramatically – from bed-bound at admission to walking 300 feet using a walker with minimal support.

Reflecting on his stay at Vibra Hospital, Gregg expressed his appreciation for the staff. “Everyone is very friendly and helpful,” he said.

“Even the housekeepers encourage me and tell me to keep working hard.”

Gregg discharged from Vibra Hospital, ready for the final phase of his recovery. He transferred to an inpatient rehabilitation facility to continue building his strength and independence before returning home. With his unwavering spirit and the progress he’d made, Gregg was well on his way to resuming the active, outdoor lifestyle he loved.