Foziya Ismael

Foziya Ismael is a loving mother who stays busy taking care of her family. She lived independently until one day when she started experiencing unusual respiratory symptoms. Foziya was taken to the hospital immediately. There she was diagnosed with COVID-19 and put on a ventilator.

After seeing some improvements, Foziya was transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo. Soon after her arrival, Foziya’s tracheotomy was removed but her condition presented other challenges. She needed maximum assistance to sit on the edge of the bed and was dependent for all transfers and activities of daily living. When Foziya would try any sort of activity, she would become short of breath. Because of this, she experienced anxiety when completing any task.

With planned sessions, Foziya worked with her physical and occupational therapists daily. They challenged her with exercises that aimed to strengthen her deep breathing and mobility. After three months of hard work, she progressed enough to be discharged.

Foziya can now to walk 300 feet without assistance and is independent with bathing, dressing, bed mobility, and toileting. She was even able to do some cooking and participated in some yard games. The staff at Vibra Hospital of Fargo celebrated her success with a cake. She is excited to return home to her family and will continue working on her recovery.