Erik Knutson

Erik Knutson’s life was turned upside-down after suffering a heart attack. He was immediately admitted to the hospital and endured many complications including sepsis, pneumonia, a kidney injury, and cardiogenic shock. Erik’s condition required several cardiac procedures including cardiac catheterization, valve replacement, and removal of a blood clot, all while relying on a ventilator.

Despite his physician’s efforts, Erik went into respiratory arrest. This led to a cardiac arrest where he coded for ten minutes. But Erik is a fighter and was determined to recover. Before long, he was admitted to Vibra Hospital of Fargo on full ventilator support.

When he was first admitted to Vibra, Erik was dependent on all bed transfers and self-care activities. His anxiety limited his movement, but he was able to sit up on the side of the bed. Erik worked hard and soon progressed enough that he was taken off the ventilator. Several days later he was decannulated.

After less than two months at Vibra Hospital of Fargo, Erik can walk 300 feet, navigate up and down four steps, and has resumed a regular diet. He is also independent with dressing, bathing, and high-level activities like cooking simple meals. He is enjoying his continued progression to an independent lifestyle.