Dorothy Walton

Dorothy Walton, 59, is a home health nurse. In early December, she contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to a local hospital. Unfortunately, Dorothy’s condition deteriorated, requiring a transfer to a hospital in Fargo. There, she was intubated and ventilated due to respiratory distress. Dorothy also required nutritional support via a tube in her abdomen.

When Dorothy experienced respiratory failure, palliative care was suggested to her family. But instead, they chose to rely on their faith and prayers. Forty days after Dorothy’s hospitalization, a miracle happened, and she made a tremendous turnaround. She weaned off the ventilator and improved significantly. Approximately two months after her initial hospitalization, Dorothy transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo.

Though she made significant progress, Dorothy still had a long road ahead when she arrived at Vibra. Dorothy required respiratory support via a tracheostomy tube, nutritional support, and IV antibiotics for pneumonia upon admission. In addition, due to critical illness myopathy and neuropathy, she needed extensive physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Dorothy continued to make rapid progress at Vibra, where her tracheostomy was removed. During her stay, she worked hard with physical and occupational therapies. She also made great strides with speech therapy, allowing her to progress to an oral diet.

Before long, Dorothy discharged to a facility closer to her home where she could focus on gaining more strength through therapy. She credits her improvement to her faith, prayers, and the support of her family while recovering at Vibra.

“My caregivers were excellent, and everyone treated me with dignity and respect,” Dorothy said.

Thank you, Dorothy, for allowing Vibra Hospital of Fargo to care for you and be a part of your healing journey!