Derrick C.

In July, Derrick C. started experiencing abdominal pain. The pain was coming from his gall bladder, which was immediately removed with laparoscopic cholecystectomy. After surgery, Derrick was still experiencing pain, and it would worsen when he breathed. He went to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo for further management of care and was in the ICU for months. His condition required a ventilator, and he continually went in and out of surgery–15 surgeries in total.

Derrick began to see progress and was doing well by the end of September. Although he improved, Derrick knew he needed extended care. He chose to transfer to Vibra Hospital of Fargo for the continuation of wound care, TPN (IV nutrition), and both physical and occupational therapies. With hard work and dedication to his recovery, Derrick progressed quickly and met his first goal of being ready for a skin graft to the abdomen.

After that 16th surgery, Derrick was such a trooper. He followed his recovery program, his wound healed, his strength increased, and he improved his balance. After going 72 days without it, he finally got to take a shower!

Derrick went through many dressing changes to his abdomen. He experienced challenges with maintaining the seal of the wound VAC. Soon he no longer needed the wound VAC and only required a pouch in its place to manage his fistulas. His skin graft healed quickly, and once he was successfully pouched, he could drink liquids and eat solid foods again.

Derrick’s main goal was to get home before the end of November, in time for his birthday and the beginning of the holiday season. Through hard work, clinical excellence, and family support, Derrick achieved that goal, discharging home before the holiday. The Thanksgiving holiday has a whole new meaning for Derrick and his family this year. His wife and family have been great supporters for him along the way.

So many aspects went into Derrick’s successful recovery including his determination, support from his family, great nursing care, intensive therapy, nutritional support, and wound care. Derrick’s shining personality showed through, and he persevered through extremely tough days. Every day his smile got bigger, and soon enough, he was laughing again. Thank you, Derrick, for allowing us to be a part of your care. We could not be happier for you!