Brody Lavelle

To Brody Lavelle’s friends and family, he is a kind, fun-loving, charismatic member of the community. Brody works as a construction project manager. He enjoys hunting and getting together with friends and family in his free time. And he loves his dog, Lambeau.

Then, one day, Brody’s life dramatically changed when he was found unresponsive after a motorcycle accident. He sustained significant injuries in the accident, including a brain injury and bone fractures. Brody also required the use of a ventilator to help him breathe.

A little over two weeks following the accident, Brody transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo, a critical care hospital. When he arrived, Brody could not follow commands and was confused and agitated — not uncommon for someone at this stage of their recovery. At first, it wasn’t safe for Brody to participate in therapy. Vibra provided Brody with a low-stimulation environment to allow his brain to heal, and for safety, he was placed in a net bed.

A week later, Brody had progressed well enough to participate in therapy. When he began his therapy sessions, Brody’s balance was very poor, and he required a lot of assistance for safety due to his impulsiveness. But Brody was buoyed by the support of his family, friends, and the Vibra staff, and over the following three weeks, he made significant progress. Brody’s personality started to shine, and he made friends with all the staff at Vibra.

When he discharged from Vibra, Brody could walk over 1000 feet and participate in high-level balance activities. He began eating and completed self-care activities with supervision only. Less than a month after arriving, Brody discharged from Vibra to Craig Hospital in Colorado for high-level therapy prior to returning home.