Brody Lavelle

To Brody Lavelle’s friends and family, he is a kind, fun-loving, charismatic member of the community. One day, Brody’s life dramatically changed when he was found unresponsive after a motorcycle accident. He sustained significant injuries in the accident, including a brain injury and bone fractures. Brody also required the use of a ventilator to help him breathe.

Kelly Baker

Kelly Baker arrived at Vibra Hospital of Fargo in need of complex wound care. Having septic arthritis in her left knee, Kelly underwent an above-the-knee amputation on that leg. Additionally, she experienced ulcers and an abscess in her right foot.

Shannon and her care team at Vibra Hospital of Fargo

Shannon Boe

Shannon admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of congestive heart failure. Soon, that progressed to lower extremity abscesses and drainage. The abscesses were debrided, and after nearly two months, Shannon transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo for continued wound care and diuretic therapy.

Jan Flack

Experiencing shortness of breath one day, Jan admitted to Essentia Health-Fargo, where she was diagnosed with respiratory failure complicated by pneumonia and bilateral deep vein thrombosis. As a result, Jan was placed on a ventilator.

Albina prepares to return home following her stay at VIbra Hospital of Fargo

Albina Lebzak

Vacationing in North Dakota, Albina suddenly found herself very sick. She experienced double vision, difficulty swallowing and speaking, shortness of breath, and weakness in her arms and legs. Albina sought medical attention, and tests revealed something entirely unexpected.

Troy Hall gives a thumbs up at Vibra Hospital of Fargo

Troy Hall

Before his stroke, Troy Hall lived a very active life. He enjoyed playing softball, fishing, and going to the gym. In addition, he worked as a drywall finisher. After the stroke, Troy experienced acute respiratory failure and required a ventilator to breathe.