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Celebrating patient success at Vibra Hospital of Fargo

At Vibra Hospital of Fargo, our commitment to exceptional patient care is reflected in the inspiring success stories of those we serve. Each story is a testament to the strength and determination of our patients, as well as the expertise and compassion of our dedicated clinical team. These narratives highlight the remarkable recoveries and life-changing experiences that occur within our walls, offering hope and encouragement to all who read them. Join us in celebrating these triumphs and discover how Vibra Hospital of Fargo is making a difference in the lives of our patients and their families.

Mavis celebrates her discharge with her care team at Vibra Hospital of Fargo

Mavis Huber

After testing positive for the virus, Mavis spent three months in the hospital, battling respiratory failure due to COVID-19 pneumonia. Then she transferred to Vibra Hospital of Fargo to begin her recovery.

Dorothy Walton

Dorothy Walton, 59, is a home health nurse. In early December, she contracted COVID-19 and was admitted to a local hospital. Unfortunately, Dorothy's condition deteriorated, and she was intubated and ventilated due to respiratory distress.

Dryden Thompson

Dryden Thompson lived an active lifestyle, working a physical job as a lineman. This all came to a halt when he contracted West Nile Virus and suffered from brain and heart swelling.

Derrick C.

Derrick C. came to Vibra Hospital of Fargo after facing 16 surgeries for extreme abdominal pain. He looks forward to returning home to his family and continuing to work on his recovery.

Evan Lilley

Evan Lilley was blessed with an electric wheelchair from the HERO organization. This device helped him increase his independence after undergoing bilateral above-the-knee amputations and a right arm amputation.

Ken Wienckowski

Diagnosed with lung cancer, Ken Wienckowski underwent a right lower lobectomy. The operation left him with complications requiring extended care.